Most Overlooked Restaurant Safety Issues

With sharp knives, hot water and oil, and slippery floors, restaurants could be one of the trickiest places to work. This calls for caution and diligence on the part of restaurant owners, as well as their staff. Unfortunately, there are restaurant dangers that are taken for granted, but they may end up being costly. Here are some of them.

Improper handling of food: There is one simple restaurant rule when it comes to handling food: food should be handled with clean hands only. Now, this boils down to hygiene. Have you ever wondered whether all restaurant workers stay true to this simple rule? Or, put it simply this way: a worker is in the middle of cooking, and a call of nature, which they must respond to, comes all of a sudden. Do all of them sanitize after coming from the toilet? Not all of them, to be honest. This is just one aspect of improper food handling. Another aspect of food handling is dipping hands in the food. Do this with cooked beans, for instance, and you will understand what I mean here.

Restaurant ergonomics: While poor workplace ergonomics may be a subtle thing, its effects usually become clear in the long run. Just imagine having to use a cooker that is set too high for five years? Or, sitting on a long stool for too long. Poor ergonomics means discomfort in the workplace, and this reduces employee productivity, besides posing the danger of health problems, such as back pain and forward head posture, among other health issues.

Improper labeling of food: Failure to label food correctly could cause quite a lot of issues, such as foodborne diseases and contamination. According to the Food and Drug Administration, restaurants should adopt food rotation labels, which help in knowing the most appropriate time for food consumption.

Jewelry: It is a nice thing to shine at all times, and who does not want to shine after all! But do people have to shine in the wrong places? Well, by shining, I mean wearing your precious jewelry. These objects can carry bacteria, which could easily be deposited in food, resulting in infections. Besides, a piece of hanging jewelry, such as a necklace, may be trapped in a piece of moving restaurant equipment, resulting in a serious injury. It pays for workers to remove these aesthetic objects once they set foot in a restaurant to avoid any related problems.

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